At Lifeskills South Florida Outpatient Center, we understand the role that a holistic approach to treatment plays in improving mental well-being by reducing anxiety, and depression and by improving self-esteem and cognitive function. Our Integrated Primary Care treatment model incorporates elements that offer clients the opportunity for complete recovery, such as yoga, individual nutritional assessment and consultation, comprehensive metabolic programming, personal training and genetic testing.


Yoga is offered to clients six days a week. We believe yoga is not only about the pose, but also the philosophy of mindfulness paired with breathing and movement to help calm the brain and body.  Our certified yoga therapist works with clients of varying athletic abilities to help them move towards individual goals of fitness and mindfulness.

People doing yoga on mats on the rooftop

People running on a tredmil at the gym


At Lifeskills South Florida Outpatient Center, we have a 900 square foot gym that provides an opportunity for clients to engage in physical activity. Clients in transitional living have access to the gym during the evening hours. We understand that physical fitness is a key part to long-term wellness and recovery.

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If you are interested in our integrated primary care, please contact Lifeskills. Call us today at 844-749-1560.

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