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Lifeskills South Florida Outpatient Center is a premier treatment facility located in Delray Beach. As a national center of excellence, we have many Frequently Asked Questions about our facility and programs.

How can I receive further information or be admitted to Lifeskills?2019-06-15T07:11:39+00:00

If you don’t find the answer you need in these frequently asked questions, then we offer other resources. Clients can be admitted to Lifeskills South Florida 24/7 following a clinical assessment conducted by telephone.

How are medications managed at Lifeskills?2019-06-15T07:09:49+00:00

Lifeskills South Florida offers supervised self-administration of medications only when approved and/or prescribed by the Medical Director.

How is my family involved in treatment?2019-06-18T21:24:52+00:00

Our strong family support program offers support, education, and guidance to you and your loved ones through the treatment process. Upon admission, you will be assigned a licensed therapist who will work directly with you and your family. This therapist will be in constant communication with your family, as you allow. Additionally, they will help facilitate family sessions, visitation, and any other family-related need the arises. Your family to determine the appropriate time for visitation.

Will my insurance cover treatment at Lifeskills?2019-06-18T21:24:14+00:00

We are a private pay facility that can work with out-of-network benefits. We are not a Medicaid and Medicare provider. Our admissions team is available to discuss payment options with you.

How does the Lifeskills program prepare me for independence?2019-06-15T07:07:39+00:00

Our Lifeskills South Florida Outpatient Center staff is specialized in helping our patients find stability and
focus on integrating back into their home, work, and family life.  The continuum of care includes community living skills and reintegration for a healthy and independent life.  Relapse prevention, self- monitoring, job skills, budgeting, nutrition, shopping, meal planning, and interpersonal skills learned through living with housemates are just some of the skills focused on during treatment. You will also work on identifying social support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Smart Recovery, and mental health support groups to learn to seek support for yourself, work with a sponsor and learn how to surround yourself with the healthy and supportive community needed to remain successful in recovery.

What do you treat at Lifeskills South Florida?2019-06-17T21:13:59+00:00

Lifeskills South Florida specializes in treating adults with mental health, substance use disorders, and dual diagnosis.

How long does treatment usually last at Lifeskills South Florida?2019-09-19T15:46:56+00:00

We achieve positive outcomes because we do not put recovery on a timetable. Each client’s circumstances and treatment needs are different from many of our clients averaging three months within the outpatient treatment center. The length of stay at Lifeskills South Florida is entirely dependent upon the unique needs of our clients, the complexity of their condition(s) and the rate at which progress is made. Clients are challenged to reintegrate into their community and achieve their personal treatment goals as quickly as they are able.

Can I smoke at Lifeskills?2019-06-19T17:14:14+00:00

We promote healthy living and will provide smoking cessation support by request, however, smoking cigarettes is permitted in designated areas.

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To know more information about our admission process, please contact Lifeskills. Call us today at 844-749-1560.

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